Race Track Death Valley

Discover Point Lobos (App)

Kip and his team have recently been designing and finalizing an application; Discover Point Lobos. Discover Point Lobos is an exciting new application aimed at connecting young people to the wonders of California’s coast, marine protected areas and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. With its breathtaking beauty and fascinating wildlife, Point Lobos is considered California’s "crown jewel" of the California state park system.

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Kelp Forests: A Young Explorer's Guide (E-Book)

This free e-book teaches kids about the kelp forest habitat, the organisms that live there and kelp in our world. Interactive games help kids learn about food webs and the components and interactions of ecosystems. E-book features include one-touch definitions, a glossary, interactive photos and links to online resources including videos and live data. Kelp Forests: A Young Explorers Guide connects well with the Common Core State Standards on reading informational text and supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Life Science Idea 2: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics.

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